Hawaii Recap Part II | Adventures in Kauai

The second half of my trip was spent on the breathtakingly beautiful island of Kauai with 10 other people who I hardly knew or were complete strangers to me. It was either a recipe for disaster or the makings of an Andy Samburg SNL sketch. I’d say it was the latter of the two. ;) We stayed at a spacious AirBnb right on the golf course and spent our down time playing yard games and maybe having a dance party or two. Highlights of the trip were…

  • Sneaking onto the golf course to play our own personal game of Bocce ball. 
  • Breaking yet another hammock. (Seriously, what is the world trying to tell me?)
  • Seeing the Nā Pali Coast by boat.. and spotting a huge pod of wild spinner dolphins. If you know me at all then you know I was freaking out. If you go to Kauai this is a must. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!
  • Snorkeling at Tunnels Beach. This is the same beach where Bethany Hamilton had her famous shark attack..which I tried not to think about while I was in the water. Nor did I inform my mom about this until I got home. :) We were in the reefs so it was ok, right?
  • Rocking the mini van. On the last day we went exploring by van. The Town and Country did not let us down and there were views everywhere. 

Special shout out to everyone on this trip! Thank you for a fantastic time and inviting me to come along.